Ohio River Bridge- East End Crossing

Louisville, KY

Project Description

The East End Bridge is approximately 2,500-foot-long cable-stayed bridge featuring two convex diamond towers, two lanes in each direction, expandable to three, and a 13-foot-wide pedestrian and bicycle path. The bridge connects Indiana and Kentucky east of Louisville.


Indiana Finance Authority


WVB East End Partners



Our Role

McB developed, designed and detailed the precast footing tubs for construction of the tower piers. The 1,100 ton concrete tubs which measure 18' x 48' x 118' are constructed in a dry-dock and floated into position at an external support frame system. Seals covering the 12 holes for the 8' diameter drilled shaft are then removed, and shafts are drilled in place.

Total Contract Value

$763 million


May 2013 - October 2016

Construction Method and Specifications

Precast footing tubs cast in drydock, and towed using river tug boats.