Engineered Construction®

McNary Bergeron and Associates (McB) was founded in November 2003. We currently have 20 engineers in our three offices with 16 professional engineers on staff.

Our History


French Creek Viaduct, Colorado

Scott McNary started his career with Figg and Muller Engineers in 1984 where he was fortunate to work with Gerard Sauvegeot, who was one of the pioneers in segmental bridge construction in the United States. Scott worked with Figg and Muller for five years and developed a strong interest in construction engineering associated with complex segmental bridges.

Gene Figg

Jean Muller


Scott left Figg and Muller in 1989 to found Finley McNary Engineers with Craig Finley. Jim Bergeron joined Finley McNary in 1996 with 6 years working with contractors on construction sites including the Baldwin Bridge and the C&D Canal Bridge. Jim also had a strong interest in complex construction methods and soon rose to managing FME’s office in Connecticut.

C&D Canal Bridge, Delaware 

Baldwin Bridge, Connecticut


San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB) “Skyway” Bridge in Oakland

Jeremy Johannesen joined Finley McNary in 1997 and found that he also enjoyed the construction engineering aspects of complex bridges while learning the business on the challenging bridge in Boston’s Big Dig, and the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB) “Skyway” Bridge in Oakland.


Parsons Transportation Group (PTG) acquired Finley McNary in 2001. After two interesting years with PTG, Scott, Jim and Jeremy decided they wanted to do something a little bit closer to their core love of working with contractors. Thus, McNary Bergeron and Associates was born 2003. In 2004, McNary Bergeron trademarked the stamp “Engineered Construction®”  as they felt it very accurately conveyed the type of work they excelled at and were passionate about.


Hoover Dam Bypass, Nevada

Manhattan West, New York

Since then McNary Bergeron has thrived in the design-build and design bid-build world of complex bridge design and construction. McNary Bergeron has been involved in over 75 segmental bridges, arch bridges, and cable bridges, built with cranes, launching gantries, stays, falsework, SPMT and launch systems. The company experienced steady growth over the next 12 years with the addition of 12 highly experienced professional engineers in our offices in Colorado and Connecticut.


In 2016 McNary Bergeron was approached by Tim Davis who was looking to make a change after 10 years as a District Engineer for PCL Civil Constructors. McB made the strategic decision to hire Tim and open their third office in Tampa, Florida to further expand their geographic reach and strengthen their Engineered Construction® approach with Tim’s strong construction background.

Rockingham Bridge (I-90), Vermont

Brattleboro Bridge, Vermont


Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Replacement, Washington, DC

I-59/20 Replacement

In 2017 Jeff Mehle joined McNary Bergeron in our Colorado Office. Jeff had worked with Scott since 1990 and was one of the first employees of Finley McNary Engineers. Jeff had also left Parsons Transportation Group in 2003 and worked with Carter Burgess and later Jacobs managing the Structures Group in the Denver office, and developing a strong design practice in the Rocky Mountain Region.

2018 to Present

In 2018, McNary Bergeron sold partner shares to Jeff Mehle and Tim Davis to lead the firm into the next decade and to continue to build our tradition of Engineered Construction® and build the next generation of complex bridges.

McNary Bergeron now has 20 engineers in our three offices with 16 professional engineers on staff. McB will continue to specialize in engineered construction but plan to further help our clients by using the design experience brought by Jeff Mehle and in construction and site services brought by Tim Davis.

Jeremy Johannesen working on Bridges to Prosperity pedestrian bridge. 

Scott McNary at the ENR awards


Our Partners

scott mcnary


Partner / Principal Engineer
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
B.S. Civil Engineering and M.S., Civil Engineering

  • Scott has been designing and helping contractors build bridges since he graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Colorado in 1984. His passion was ignited after attending a lecture by famed Swiss Bridge Engineer Christian Menn in his junior year at CU. He worked for Figg and Muller Engineers for five years after graduation and was lucky enough to learn from Frenchman Gerard Sauvegeot in Denver and Jean Muller himself for 4 months in Paris.

    Scott left Figg and Muller in 1989 to start the firm Finley McNary Engineers with Craig Finley. This firm quickly developed a reputation for complex segmental bridges and construction engineering. Notable projects that Scott was responsible for during this time was the Hanging Lake Viaduct in Colorado, The Baldwin Bridge in Connecticut, C & D Canal Bridge in Delaware, the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Georgia and the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge in Tennessee.

    Finley McNary was acquired by Parsons Transportation Group in 2001. During his two years at PTG, Scott was responsible for the Construction Engineering on the Skyway Bridge and the Benicia Martinez Bridge in California.

    Scott left PTG in 2003 and formed McNary Bergeron & Associates with Jim Bergeron and Jeremy Johannesen. Notable projects that McB has done under his leadership include the Colorado River Bridge in Nevada, the Maroon Creek Bridge in Colorado, the SW Line Bridge in Tacoma, Washington and numerous footbridges with Bridges to Prosperity.

    Scott has been married to his wife Judy for 29 great years. They have three children, Erin, Jack and Tom, who attend the University of Colorado. He enjoys travel, golf, tennis, skiing, woodworking and fly fishing in his spare time.

Jim Bergeron


Partner / Principal Engineer
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
B.S. Civil Engineering

  • Jim founded McNary Bergeron & Associates in 2003 with Scott McNary and Jeremy Johannesen with the objective of serving the complex bridge industry with innovative, cost-effective, and safe solutions for design and construction.

    Jim has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of complex bridges across the country. Jim has worked largely in the capacity of the general contractor’s construction engineer, but has also worked in the capacity of the owner’s representative, the project engineer for the general contractor, expert witness, and the Designer’s representative.

    Jim resides in McB’s Connecticut office and is the firms managing partner. Jim specializes in complex bridge erection schemes, custom equipment design, heavy lifts and the design of temporary works.

    Jim lives in Old Saybrook, Connecticut with his wife Krista of 27 years, and has four children: Jack, Ryan, Will and Abby.  Jim has coached youth baseball and basketball for years, and enjoys boating, fishing, skiing, carpentry, and woodworking in his free time.



Partner / Principal Engineer
South Dakota School of Mines
B.S., Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis 

  • Jeremy’s compulsion to bring order to his world has benefited McB’s clients since the company’s inception. Every project, whether it’s the design of the bridge, the erection system or a one-off lifting beam, is a personal challenge to solve problems and make a difference. McNary Bergeron’s strength is due to our mix of skills which can deliver project-sized solutions and sort out thorny details. Having an equally versatile background, Jeremy is well suited to help our clients tackle their projects.



Partner / Principal Engineer
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL
B.S., Civil Engineering and M.S., Civil Engineering

  • Tim has 12 years of construction engineering experience working with complex steel and concrete bridges. Having spent most of his career on the contractor side, he focuses on efficiency, constructability, and solving problems to get to the most economical solution. His experience is in the design and implementation of float in/float out, slide in/slide out, marine engineering, accelerated bridge construction, erection and crane planning, demolition, falsework, foundation installation, and value engineering.

    Tim resides in the newly opened Tampa, FL office. When he’s not engineering the hell out of stuff, you will find him hanging out with his wife Anne, and their four kids Mike, Alex, Haley, and Zach playing some combination of sports/outdoor activities, or in the garage building stuff if its raining.



Partner / Principal Engineer
University of Colorado, Boulder
B.S. Civil Engineering and M.S. Civil Engineering

  • Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction engineering of conventional as well as complex bridge structures. His background includes both highway and transit structures, as well as structures spanning rivers and waterways.

    Jeff started his career with Finley McNary Engineers in 1990, providing construction engineering and design for precast and cast-in-place segmental bridges nationally and internationally.

    Jeff then led the Rocky Mountain Structures Group for Jacobs for nearly 14 years, working with owners and contractors on design-bid-build, design-build and CM\GC projects across the country.

    His career has come full circle back to construction engineering and design of complex bridges with McNary Bergeron & Associates. Jeff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Colorado office as well as developing markets for design, design-build and CM\GC.

    Jeff lives in Colorado with his wife Anne of over 25 years.  They have two children Will and Julia. Jeff enjoys running, camping and CU Buffalo sporting events in his free time.



Bridge Engineer
BSCE Colorado School of Mines
MSCE University of Colorado Denver, Structural Engineering in Progress

  • Mike has been involved in heavy civil bridge projects in a number of capacities. He has detailed post-tensioning systems for segmental box girder bridges and custom high capacity tendons and rock anchors. He has served as on-site project engineer and helped manage multi-million dollar construction contracts. Mike has also produced shop drawings and designed complex equipment and temporary works for large scale bridge projects, including box girder and arch bridges.

    Mike’s experience includes structural design of vehicular and pedestrian bridge superstructures and substructures, multi-story commercial buildings, parking garages, municipal/civil structures, and residential buildings. Structural materials and systems used include prestressed concrete, steel girders, reinforced concrete, timber framing, and micropile, helical screw pile, driven steel pile, and concrete caisson foundations.



Bridge Engineer
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA B.S., Civil Engineering 

  • Thomas has been involved in bridge projects both domestic and international. He has been involved in the design of falsework for the cantilever erection and pier table of a cable-stayed signature bridge. He also worked on the longitudinal PT analysis and geometry of the cantilever erection of a new precast segmental bridge. At his previous job, he was the lead bridge engineer designing suspension pedestrian bridges to be built in Rwanda, Nicaragua, Haiti, Bolivia and Panama. He has also spent time overseeing the construction of some of these pedestrian bridge projects in Rwanda and Nicaragua.


Bridge Engineer
University of Colorado, Boulder
M.S., Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis

  • Phil has been with McNary Bergeron since early 2007 and has worked as a consultant in the civil engineering industry since 2000. He has extensive experience with the design and construction of precast and cast-in-place segmental bridges, having worked on over 20 different segmental concrete bridge projects.

    Phil specializes in integrating complex 3-D post-tensioning and reinforcing, and in the geometry control of precast and cast-in-place segmental construction. He also has extensive knowledge and experience with temporary works, construction equipment, and erection sequencing.

    When he’s not in the office, he enjoys getting up into the Colorado mountains to get his two young daughters hooked on camping, biking and skiing.


Senior Bridge Engineer
Texas A & M University at Galveston
B.S. Maritime Systems Engineering

  • Matthew’s experience includes structural design and analysis of span by span and balanced cantilever segmental concrete bridges. He also is experienced in the review of construction equipment and erection procedures.

    Previously Matthew designed AASHTO girder bridges as well as shipping wharfs. He has performed wave/structure interaction analysis for pile foundations and floating structures.


Bridge Engineer
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
B.S. Civil Engineering and
M.S. Civil Engineering

  • Harry brings 5 years of experience in design and construction engineering of complex concrete segmental and steel bridges. His site experience includes troubleshooting, quality control, erection gantry / equipment inspection and submittal management. He has performed structural reviews of launching gantries, erection manual production, kinematic sequencing and constructability review. Harry also has experience in designing temporary concrete foundations, steel lifting frames and temporary structures, demolition analysis, and construction engineering for segmental pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete bridges. Prior to joining McNary Bergeron & Associates he worked for a construction materials consulting firm.


    Harry first joined the bridge industry building pedestrian footbridges in Bolivia with Bridges to Prosperity. He continues so support Bridges to Prosperity and Engineers in Action serving as EOR, mentoring student teams, and aiding in construction labor when time allows. Outside of building bridges, Harry enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking.


Senior Engineer
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
B.S. Engineering – Civil Specialty 

  • Before joining McB in 2013, Tony worked as a Field Engineer and Superintendent building the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver, BC. This construction background gives Tony the ability to provide practical solutions to complex engineering problems.

    Tony’s experience includes designing temporary works, geometry control, longitudinal construction analysis, and construction equipment checks for complex concrete segmental bridge projects around the world.

Danny Gilbert


Senior Bridge Engineer
University of Colorado, Boulder B.S., Civil Engineering 

  • Danny has been involved in heavy civil bridge construction since beginning his career working for a heavy civil bridge contractor. He has designed crane access trestles, cofferdams, heavy duty shoring, temporary foundations, and various other temporary works for large complex bridges throughout North America, specializing in large steel bridge erection. In addition to bridge construction he has experience with several complex bridge removals including top down removal with heavy equipment on the structure and conventional removal of steel and concrete bridges. Danny enjoys challenges and finding creative solutions to the complicated problems that McNary Bergeron takes on.



Senior Technician / BIM Manager
University of Central Florida
B.S. Engineering Technology 

  • Tony began his career in heavy civil construction in 2006 while studying at the University of Central Florida. He has experience in accelerated bridge construction, temporary works design, heavy movable bridge structures, steel and concrete girder erection, foundation installation, and precast and cast in place concrete segmental bridge erection.

    Tony has worked to bring BIM (Building Information Modeling) and virtual construction workflows into the heavy civil industry to provide added value to clients throughout the construction lifecycle.

Trevor J. Knowles, PE


Bridge Engineer
United States Military Academy at West Point. 
B. S. Civil Engineering
  • Trevor’s experience includes the design and analysis of curved and skewed steel bridges and steel arch bridges. He has designed temporary works for curved and complex bridges. He also has experience with BIM (Build Information Modeling) and 4D modeling of bridges and heavy construction projects.
    Prior to joining McB, Trevor work on program management team for movable rail bridge as part of CM/GC (Construction Manager/General Contractor program. Before his time as a bridge engineer Trevor served in the United States Army as a combat engineer. He duties there included serving as a Combat Engineer Platoon Leader and as an Engineer Operations Officer.
JJ Reilly


Bridge Engineer
BSCE – The College of New Jersey
MSCE – Virginia Tech

  • JJ began his career working in commercial construction prior to joining the McB Connecticut office in 2017. His experience includes structural design of precast soffit systems, crane trestles, equipment rail systems, lifting frames, rigging, as well as temporary falsework. Recently, he has been involved in the erection analysis and procedures for horizontally curved plate girders, post-tensioned spliced concrete girders, and steel arch bridges.

Max Avanzi, EI


Bridge Designer
University of Colorado Boulder
B.S. Civil Engineering

  • Born and raised in Italy, Max moved to the US in 2014 to obtain a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2018. He has been a part of McB since 2017, initially working as an intern, followed by full-time employment as an EI upon graduation.

    Max has gained experience with construction engineering for precast segmental bridges, including defining segment geometry for precasting, and longitudinal and transversal construction analysis for segment erection and handling. He has also assisted with erection manuals for use in the field that address span-by-span erection on shoring towers, on sliding beams and by overhead gantry, including gantry kinematics.

    Max has also worked onsite as a construction engineer for the reconstruction of a precast segmental viaduct in Birmingham, Alabama, assisting with problem solving in daily operations, falsework and erection manual compliance inspections, and related guidance.


Bridge Engineer
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
B.S. Civil Engineering
M.S. Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis

  • Charbel received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida. He began his career in 2015 with PCL Civil Constructors where he worked on multiple bridge projects between Cape Canaveral, FL, Charleston, SC, and Conway, SC gaining construction experience that includes temporary trestle, deep foundations, and concrete and steel girder erection. Charbel joined the Tampa office of McNary Bergeron in 2018 as part of the team working to solve various challenges in the world of heavy civil construction engineering.



Bridge Engineer
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
B.S. Civil Engineering

  • Erich has over 9 years of heavy civil construction engineering experience. Prior to joining MCB he spent 7 years on the contractor side, working as an on-site engineer on cast-in-place segmental jobs in Georgia and Vermont, as well as the Hartford Lateral Slide project. His design experience includes heavy duty falsework and temporary works, formwork, erection and crane planning, concrete and steel girder erection plans, demolition plans, geometry control, and temporary retaining walls.


MSCE University of Colorado, Boulder
BSCE and MSCE Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

  • Before joining McB in 2019, Alex has been involved in international civil infrastructure projects. His background includes the design and check of steel truss and prestressed concrete girder bridges. He is also experienced on the design of RC tanks, retaining walls and building structures.

    At McB, Alex has been working on the construction analysis for precast segmental bridges, the design of erection falsework, and the design of prestressed concrete girder bridges.