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The Yadin bridges project has alleviated traffic congestion in central Haifa by allowing vehicles to bypass the central part of the city. The project consists of two main parallel segmental bridges and four smaller segmental access bridges. The project's close proximity to the Haifa airport necessitated using an erection gantry instead of cranes to prevent disruptions to air traffic.

Our Role

McNary Bergeron & Associates partnered with Zachoot Engineering of Tel Aviv, Israel to design all of the segmental bridges as well as provide construction engineering services, including integrated segment shop drawings, construction analyses, step-by-step erection procedures, and geometry control.

Construction Method and Specifications

Large Box Precast Segmental Bridges
- Two parallel large box bridges, each with six 40m to 60m spans
- Specialized self-launching overhead gantry erects segments using balanced cantilever method
- 240 precast segments, each 3.2m deep with widths ranging from 10.9m to 15.8m

Small Box Precast Segmental Bridges
- Four small box access bridges with three to six spans, ranging from 37m to 65m
- Segments are erected using the balanced cantilever method with either the overhead gantry or cranes
- 280 precast segments, each 3.2m deep with widths ranging from 7.25m to 10.5m


Israel National Roads Company, Ltd.


Solel Boneh Ltd.

Total Contract Value

$30 million


June 2006 to Mid 2009

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