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The Ironton Russell Bridge Project entails the construction of a cast in place concrete cable stayed bridge over the Ohio River with structural steel approaches connecting the towns of Ironton, Ohio and Russell, Kentucky. The bridge will provide two 12-ft driving lanes and two 4-ft shoulders; a driving lane and shoulder in each direction. Span lengths for the approaches vary widely as they cross numerous (6) rail lines, the Ohio River levee and city streets. On the Kentucky side the spans are 140-ft and 235-ft; in Ohio the spans are 110-ft, 144-ft, 186-ft and 144-ft. The approach bridges are founded on small diameter drilled shafts (Kentucky) or steel pile (Ohio). The main span unit consists of three spans; two flanking spans at 370-ft and the center span of 900-ft. The main span unit is supported by two CIP, 316-ft tall, diamond shaped towers, founded on large diameter drilled shafts with rock sockets. When completed, the 900-ft main span will be the longest span the Ohio DOT has built. The original contract value for construction of the new structure and removal of the existing is $81,266,742.05, with Brayman Construction Corporation the low bidder.

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Our Role

Scott McNary is serving on the Dispute Review Board (DRB) which meets onsite four (4) times a year and provides oversight to the project team to help resolve issued and disputes to ensure a successful completion of the project.


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