Bridges to Prosperity McNary Bergeron


This $250 million bridge replacement project between Somers Point, NJ and Ocean City, NJ is one of the largest projects ever let for bid by NJDOT. The project involves replacing two bascule bridges with four-lane, high level, fixed spans over the Intracoastal Waterway. The project includes 4 miles of new highway, bridge replacement, and a new visitor's center for Ocean City. The project consists mostly of pre-cast piles, CIP piers, concrete pre-stressed beams, and a CIP Deck. Most of the project is being built from barges on the water.

Our Role

McNary Bergeron & Associates provided design and details for many of the temporary works used to build the main spans over the water including a temporary construction trestle and a support frame for a ringer crane on a barge. McNary Bergeron & Associates provided a stability analysis of the long pre-cast girders during erection and designed the temporary bracing system. McNary Bergeron & Associates also provided the design for pre-cast slabs used as a stay-in-place form for mass concrete footing pours.


State of New Jersey Department of Transportation


Route 52 Constructors - A joint venture of G.A & F.C Wagman, Inc. and R.E. Pierson Construction Co.


Michael Baker Corporation

Total Contract Value

$250 million


2009 - 2012

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