Bridges to Prosperity McNary Bergeron


La Tana and Tesoro Chuiquito are two rural communities in the northernmost area of Uspantn. They lie right in the heart of the Zona Reyna, one of the most remote and underdeveloped regions of Guatemala. None of the communities in this region have electricity or running water and can only be reached by a three to seven hour journey from Uspantn on unpaved roads. La Taa is set in the deep, lush valley of the Ro Satan and has a weekly market, a school and the region's only health center. The people of the smaller community, Tesoro Chiquito, have to cross the broad Ro Satan daily, carrying their products to market, their books to school or even sick relatives to the hospital. The trip is always risky but when waters are high it can be downright dangerous. Locals tell a story of a boy who drowned years ago while trying to come home from school. The people of La Tana and Tesoro Chiquito benefited immensely from the construction of a new bridge, allowing them safely to access their fields, their market, their schools and health center.

The crossing was 40 meters, spanning the Rio Satan. During construction, it became increasingly evident that the improved access gained by the footbridge was going to be incredible; well over half the population of La Tana cross the river daily in order to reach the schools, medical clinic and of course, the soccer field. The Flatiron Construction team arrived with only two-weeks to erect the towers, string the cables and complete the structure; less than one week after arrival, the team stood side-by-side with the local villagers with whom they worked for the past 7 days and inaugurated the bridge.


McNary Bergeron & Flatiron Construction


May 2010

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