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La Burrera is situated in a mountain valley and is split by the river that winds down the valley. For half the year, this river can be crossed by stepping across the large stones in the riverbed. However, in the rainy season, it swells to a level that is difficult and often dangerous.

Since 2001, Bridges to Prosperity's mission has been to provide bridges to communities like this throughout the world. The site conditions in La Burerra necessitated a suspension bridge design. Because B2P's expertise has long been in the construction of 'suspended' bridges, this required the development of a new design. This design was tailored to the local resources and expertise of the region and B2P.

Jeremy Johannesen designed and in 2008, had the privilege to work with B2P and the project sponsor, Ross Construction in the construction of the La Burerra Suspension Bridge.

Our Role

Jeremy Johannesen was the designer and builder of this footbridge.

Construction Method and Specifications

Timber and cable suspension bridge


Town of La Burrera, Honduras


Bridges to Prosperity/Ross Construction


Jeremy Johannesen

Total Contract Value

HNL 400,000


Design: Summer 2007
Construction: Spring 2008

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