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Located in Washington, DC, the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge is a 6,000-foot long replacement for the existing structure which carries Interstate I-95 / I-495 over the Potomac River.

The twin replacement structures feature deck widths of up to 148 feet utilizing a unique structural system that mimics the arch bridge at other points along the Potomac River.

The concrete v-shaped piers were designed to be built using the pre-cast segmental method. There are four steel girders which sit atop each V-Pier and support a reinforced concrete deck. The 175-foot navigation channel is spanned with an eight-leaf double bascule structure.

Our Role

McNary Bergeron provided construction engineering services including:
- Design of erection equipment and temporary supports for erection of V-pier segments.
- Lift rigging and lift assemblies.
- Integrated segment shop drawings.
- Design of work trestle system and temporary piers and bulkheads.
- Independent design check of specialized erection equipment.
McNary Bergeron engineers were primarily involved in the design of the Precast V-Pier substructure with previous posiitons.

Construction Method and Specifications

- Segmental Concrete V-piers.
- Erection Method: Temporarily Stayed Cantilevered V-Piers


Maryland Department of Transportation


Maryland Approach - Potomac Constructors LLC - Edward Kraemer & Sons / American Bridge / Trumbull JV



Total Contract Value

$2.5 Billion (WW Project)


2000 - 2008

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